A Gel Press Welcome

Whether welcoming someone to the neighborhood, church or office, we all need to have some great cards in our stash.  This one is quick and clean but so fun and messy!  (Wait… what?)  You’ll see.

First, I cut two card fronts at 4 1/8 by 5 3/8 of Whip Cream cardstock.  I want to leave a tiny border around it once mounted on the 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card front.  Then I used my grid paper stack to line up my washi tape straight across at the top and the bottom of the area I wanted to mask.  I used the Welcome stamp to eyeball the width of my white area before laying down the second washi strip and filling in the middle area.

Here comes the messy part of my clean card… I got out my Gel Press and dolloped on some of our creamy, thick paint in Bubble Gum, Cool Pool and Blue Lagoon before spreading it across the Gel Press with our brayer.


Because there is enough paint on the Gel Press, I made two cards at once.  I don’t want to waste any of that delicious paint!  I laid my first card in the paint and gave it a good burnish around the back with my finger and pulled my first print.  I used the ink that was left on my brayer to go over the Gel Press a second time and pulled a second print.

I peeled off the washi tape mask and set my wet card front panels aside to dry while I prepared my Simply Gold washi tape.  I wanted my borders thin so I laid my washi tape down the cutting edge of my Journey Blooms trimmer, carefully lining up the edge with the 1/4 inch grid marks provided on the trimmer.

The FSJ Acrylic paints dry quickly so the card fronts were ready by the time I finished cutting the gold tape.  I lined the white area with our Whip Cream Sparkle Tape.  Again, using the lines on my grid paper to make sure it was all straight.

Next, I used my cut gold washi strips to hide the line where the paint meets the white under the sparkle tape.  Since I had touched the washi tape so much and the sparkle tape has texture, I used a tiny dot of Journey Glue to secure the ends of the gold washi to ensure they stayed down.  Now it’s time to stamp.  I grabbed Catalina Splash for a nice dark blue tone to compliment the other three colors.

Then I trimmed the edges with our non stick Grand Pro Shears.  These scissors are simply the best I’ve ever used.  I use them on virtually every craft project I make.

Our final steps are to use our Journey Craft Glue to adhere the Gold Friendship Sequins before applying the card panel to the front of our card with Medium Foam Squares.

Thank you for joining me to see how I made my quick and clean yet messy and fun cards! Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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