• Card Making Basics

    Card Making Basics – Formula for Cutting Patterned Paper

    Do you need a starting point?  Have you collected some of our gorgeous double sided paper?  Are you hoarding it because if you use one side, you won’t have the other side to use?  I’ve been guilty on all of those counts.

    Today, I have a formula that will help you cut your paper, use both sides and kick up your card making game.  Too good to be true?  Read on, my friend!

    First, select your 12×12 piece of patterned paper from one of our 7 terrific print packs.  Today, I selected the fun pineapples from Playful Prints.

    1. Cut your first piece at 5 1/4. Set the excess aside.
    2. Turn the cardstock horizontally in the trimmer and cut at 9 inches, 6 inches and 3 inches.  This will give you four pieces for your cardfront.
    3. Turn the remaining piece of printed paper horizontally in your trimmer and cut at 5 1/4.  Set the excess aside.
    4. Turn your 5 1/4 piece on its side and cut four 1 1/2 strips.  You will have one 3/4 inch strip remaining.  Set that aside as leftover scrap.
    5. You will have one remaining 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 inch square.  Cut it at 5 1/4.
    6. Rotate that piece horizontally and cut at 4 inches.  You should now have one basic card front (5 1/4 x 4) and your fifth top piece for your cardfront collection.
    7. Take the remaining 6 3/4 strip and turn it horizontally in your trimmer and cut at 5 1/4.  You will have one small square as leftover scrap.

    It should look like this –

    Next, we move on to cardstock.

    Select two coordinating cardstocks.  You will need one and a half sheets for your base. (Here, I selected Kiwi Slice as my base mat.)  Cut it at 5 3/8 x 4 1/8.  You will need six of these.

    Your other cardstock color will need to be cut at 5 1/4 x 3/4.  You will need five of these.  (Pictured is Pineapple Smoothie.)

    Layout your cut pieces to create your six card fronts as pictured.

    If you would prefer to watch a video, you can see how I did it here.

    Your final card fronts will look similar to these.

    As you begin to embellish them to suit your card needs, they will begin to take shape like this.

    I hope you find this tutorial helpful.  If you try your hand at it, please post and tag me in the post so I can see what you created!  Stay tuned to my Instagram feed in the coming days to see how I embellish these basic cards.

    Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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  • Printed Paper and Cardstock

    Are you a pretty paper hoarder?

    I am a recovering pretty paper hoarder.  I have so much beautiful printed paper, it’s crazy.  I’m afraid to cut it.  The little devil on my shoulder asks me, “what if you cut it wrong?  What if you waste it?  What if there is a better project that this paper would be perfect for?”  And I listened to him and kept my paper whole and safe on a shelf.

    But not anymore!  I have a new mantra.  Are you ready?  There is no such thing as sacred paper.  It is meant to be cut.  And used.  And purchased again if I love it that much.

    Let me show you how I pre-cut my printed paper to make my life easier.  I cut it to card front sizes and store them by print name so that when I’m ready to create, the paper is ready to be used.  Here is a video to show you how I cut it to ensure there is no waste to my paper.  I end up with 6 card fronts and a belly band or 2 card front strips from each piece of 12×12 paper.

    I hope you will try this method to use your paper.  Remind your little devil that there are 3 more sheets if you need them for some other “perfect” project.  Remind him that more pretty paper will come out with the next mini catalog and the next annual catalog.  Remind him of how much pretty paper you already have that is becoming outdated while you wait for the “perfect” project to use it.  Send your little devil and all his lies packing…

    Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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  • FSJ Live,  New Catalog

    FSJ Live Holiday Launch

    Do you know about FSJ Live?  When Fun Stampers Journey puts out a new mini catalog (three times a year) they offer FSJ Live as a pre-launch celebration.  This event is open to both coaches AND customers!  The event is held mid-month, on a Saturday, before the new mini catalog goes live.  The Holiday Mini will be going live on August 1st so we had our FSJ Live event this past Saturday.  As usual, FSJ does NOT disappoint!  It was so much fun!  Whether you do it all by yourself or get together with some pals, you don’t want to miss the next one.  First, we select our kit – either the FSJ Live or the Plus.  We receive it about a week before the event.  It contains advance copies of some preselected stamp sets and/or dies along with pre-cut kits for designer level cards.  They put together a video tutorial to walk you step-by-step through creating the four projects but it also comes with a full color instructional brochure.  These are my cards from the event.

    This card was meant to have a fun home-made plaid background behind the fox.  I didn’t have a few of the supplies needed to do it the designer way, so I used my Through the Year Print pack to save the day.  You know how much I love that print pack…

    I also deviated from the original design with this one.  The sentiment on one of the stamp sets we received said, “all I want for Christmas is you.”  Since there is really only one person I would give a card like that to, and I usually don’t give him a Christmas card, I swapped out the sentiment to be “Joy” from the Holiday Script stamp set.

    But wait, there is more!  There is a four hour live presentation where we interact with the folks at the Journey Station (home office) and they demonstrate many, many other techniques and beautiful ideas for the sets that are in the mini catalog.  AND we all have the option to buy some discounted bundles from the new mini before it goes live to the rest of the world!

    This was my second time participating in an FSJ Live event and I totally loved it!  I will post when we have the sign ups for the next one.  Let me know if you’d like to join me!  We will have our own designer craft party!

    Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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  • Fun Stampers Journey

    Get the most BANG for your BUCK with FSJ

    Have you looked at the catalog and realized just how much you want?  Would you like to know how to get the most yummy craft supplies for the least amount of money?  The very best way is to join my team.  I promise, I love the hobby coach.  If you don’t want to sell, you don’t have to sell.  FSJ feels the same way.  That is why we have the lowest quarterly minimums in the industry.  ($150 a quarter)  Do you already spend about $50 a month or more on your crafting hobby?  Then you can maintain your coach status and get 20% off each and every purchase.  Would you like to see what you can get for that $49 or $149?  I made a video for all of my visual friends.


    Isn’t that a fantastic deal?  Here is an info graphic to sum it all up.

    Take a stroll through the sign up page to see for yourself.  You can back out at anytime.


    Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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  • New Catalog

    Launch Party!

    Have you been following along with the Fun Stampers Journey launch party for the new annual catalog?  Search for #fsjallday to see all sorts of great ideas from coaches showcasing projects made from the new catalog.  Here are a few of my projects from this past week.

    I am still waiting for my launch order to arrive.  A hazard of living so far from the Journey Station and working with a company where everyone wants what they are selling…  The projects above feature Small Things stamp set, Huge Hello die, Cottage Bouquet bundle, and Good Life printed paper.  More will be shared here soon so check back!

    Thanks for stopping by!  Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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  • Decor,  Holidays

    Independence Day DIY

    Let’s talk about Independence Day.  I hardly ever decorate for it, but this year I have really cute July 4th paper.  You know, from the Through the Year Prints from Fun Stampers Journey?

    If you have followed me in my classes, on YouTube or on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with this paper pack.  It is the perfect year-round pack for any crafter.  Two double sided prints for each month or holiday during the year.  A total of (24) 12×12 paper prints per package.  This is the paper that inspired me to decorate for July 4th this year.  Since I’m not really one to send Independence Day cards, I decided to try my hand at making a pinwheel.  Then I made another.  And another.  And now, I’m obsessed with these too!  I’m putting them everywhere in my house.  They are such a cute addition to anything!  A little treat, a bigger neighbor gift, your entry table, wall art… I have yet to find a place that I can’t put them!  Here are some of the ways I’ve used these pin wheels to decorate my home.

    But what I want to show you today is the cute S’mores buckets I made for neighbors.  It’s the perfect hostess gift if you are invited to a BBQ this holiday.  Dollar store sand bucket and smore supplies!


    Catch my video on how to make these sweet pinwheels here.  While you’re at YouTube, be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any future tutorials!


    I hope you have a fantastic Independence Day!  Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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  • Memories and Scrapbooks

    Independence Day Memories

    Are you a scrapbooker?  A few years ago, I made the switch to pocket style scrapbooking.  I still do some traditional scrapbooking but usually, pockets are the fastest way for me to stay current.  However, I don’t want to give up that creative aspect!  So, sometimes I use preprinted pocket inserts and sometimes I make my own.  Today, I’m sharing my prepared July 4th layout.  All I need is the pictures to go in it!  One advantage to prepping the layout ahead of time is that I’ll be more aware and purposeful of the type of pictures I take on Independence Day.

    I find it difficult to photograph scrapbook layouts.  It looks so much cuter in person!

    On another fun note, the new Fun Stampers Journey Annual Catalog is live now!  It is FULL of beautifully photographed ideas and products.  I stayed up late last night to be able to put in my order the very minute it went live!  I’m THAT excited!  I’m looking forward to sharing what I picked as my first pass must haves when my order arrives.  In the meantime, follow Fun Stampers Journey on Facebook as they share catalog launch inspiration everyday this next two weeks.  And follow the hashtag #fsjallday on Instagram to see what all the coaches are doing to inspire you!

    Sending you good vibes and big wishes!


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